Mog on the Tyne

I LOVE cats!  Sadly until we get our new house sorted out we can’t get our own little furries.  I’ve been making the most of neighbourhood cats for now but it’s not the same.  That’s when Mog on the Tyne came to the rescue in the city centre.

The deal is you pay £5 to get in which goes towards looking after the moggies and there’s a selection of food and drinks available to buy while you visit.  The pawninis were delicious, generous and the cakes were scrummy.  Everything is cat themed, even the drinks.

The kitties themselves come from Westgate Ark shelter and I fell for them hard.  Especially Stan whose tongue is permanently out after an accident on the road before he was rescued.


The cats have a heap of toys and things to climb on to keep them entertained although unsuprisingly some were having naps as cats are wont to do.

I got in my cuddles with them and loved every minute of it.  And for the hardcore fans there’s plenty of merchandise to invest in too!


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