Fat Buddha Newcastle

The Mr decided on Thai dinner and drinks this week so booked us a booth at Fat Buddha Newcastle.  Really loved the tiki style outdoor seating for the warmer weather and the welcoming buddha.

FullSizeRender (3) - Copy.jpg

We were really impressed with the ambience of the place.  The lighting was spot on keeping it intimate but still bright enough to dine and the wait staff were attentive without being intrusive.  The Thai theme continued throughout the decor with beaded curtains, feature walls and wooden furniture.

I love amaretto so opted for a Cherry Blossom cocktail.  It was mixed with midori, lime and cranberry and looked as good as it tasted.


As a vegetarian there often aren’t many options on a menu, if any choice at all.  I was really happy to see that Fat Buddha had a wide range of vegetarian dishes warranting their own menu section as well as gluten free options too.

I went for the sizzling tempura vegetables with Teryaki sauce and a side of egg fried rice.


When it arrived, the waiter poured in the sauce causing it to sizzle in the dish.  Usually that kind of spectacle is reserved for meat only dishes so it was a nice treat.  There was a good selection of vegetables in the tempura, from pepper to aubergine, it was really tasty and the portion sizes were just right.

Unfortunately I was too full for dessert – SO upsetting!  However, we certainly want to go back and will order more then.  Maybe we’ll try one of the Fat Buddha restaurants in Durham or Seaburn next time.


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